Every child deserves quality coaching, and every coach deserves quality support.

1080 Coaching is an easy-to-use platform for sports coaches and clubs, to simplify coaching, support continuous learning and make club communities stronger!

Coaching super hero

Benefits for coaches


Plan quality training sessions in minutes - no more getting lost in Youtube!


Be sure your trainings are suitable for your team's age group!

Get connected

Don't be alone - connect with your coaching team and with your club!


Develop your skills as a coach every time you use the app!

Benefits for clubs

Data & analytics

Get visibility to the daily trainings of your teams!

Steering the direction

Develop your club by pinpointing issues & helping your coaches learn, each day!

Club = people

Get connected with your coaches & make your community stonger!

About us

Our mission is to help voluntary sports coaches save time, learn & succeed. Importance of their work with kids can't be overemphasized, but we know from experience how difficult it can be to provide them the support they deserve.

With our solution, we aim to provide that support, make club communities stronger, and make sure the coaches are learning each day. Every kid deserves a quality environment where they can fall in love with sports, and we wan't to be enablers in building that environment.

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